"With just a few simple clicks, I can attend volunteer events. I can definitely do more with GiftBox!"

Giftbox Systems, Volunteerism

Charity Management Software for Volunteers

With Giftbox web-based volunteer management system, you will be in close touch with donors and prospects, understand them better, and involve them in your mission. As a result, you will see significant improvement in communication, provides instant reports and enables better monitoring of donors, donations, upcoming events and volunteering mission. 

    • - Drag and Drop functionality- you will be able to define a Quick Links to frequently used menu items.
    • - My to-do lists - improve time management and prioritise key tasks
    • - Email notification- receive emails, custom alerts and overdue task reminders.
    • - Event Execution – upload document, send event feedback to contact through email, generate report, and invitation tracking.
    • - Time and attendance monitoring
    • - Instant access- real-time updates between multiple devices means that the most recent information is instantly at your fingertips.
    • - Report Writer- enable creation of new reports base on standard templates.


Run your charity like never before. Get instant access to vital information anytime, anywhere!