Why GiftBox?

Why GiftBox Systems?

Giftbox Systems, Software for Charities

Giftbox Systems is a powerful web-based software for charities. Built on the latest Microsoft .Net technology, it includes functions such as: managing donors, members, beneficiaries, client cases; donation processing, tax exemption processing, publication management, and follow-ups and alerts. 


Why choose Giftbox Systems?

  • • Giftbox is an intuitive charity management system
  • • Giftbox people are incredibly responsive to your needs
  • • We focus on simplifying your workflow
  • • We know our success is based on your success
  • • Our service is personal to you
  • • Giftbox is at the forefront of technology
  • • Security is of utmost importance to us 


Giftbox will help charities to:

  • • Centralise important data in one easily accessible location.
  • • Lower overhead costs
  • • Increase efficiency by automating administrative processes.
  • • Inform more people about the charity’s goals.
  • • Easily and instant communicate with donors, beneficiaries, clients and members.
  • • Provide and support efficient and effective fundraising activities.
  • • Enhance financial clarity by connecting to back-end accounting systems.
  • • Adopt the best practices through the use of audit trails, authorisation mechanisms, electronic banking, and local authority (e.g. Tax) reporting.
  • • Enable self-service by through a portal for updating profiles, membership application and viewing individual service records.
  • • Enable member management functions such as registrations, renewals, fee collections, and communications.

Give your charity a competitive advantage. Contact the GiftBox Systems team today!